Laythielian Translator (Cyrillic)

Laythielian but with... well, Cyrillic!

It's used with Cyrillic, which is what many Slavic languages use. Not every Slavic language uses them.

I'm going to be adding phrases and suffixes for now, and then I'll add the words after they're completed.

Just so you know what every Cyrillic letter is in the Latin alphabet (I'll put "C" for Cyrillic, and "L" for the Latin alphabet). I had to make a few adjustments so you'd know which is which (they may not be 100% accurate):

Aa (C)= Aa (L)

Ӓӓ (C)= Ӓӓ (L)

Бб (C)= Bb (L)

Цц (C)= Cc (L)

Ээ (C)= Chch (L)

Дд (C)= Dd (L)

Ее (C)= Ee (L)

Ёё (C)= Ёё (L)

Фф (C)= Ff (L)

Гг (C)= Gg (L)

Чч (C)= Hh (L)

Ии (C)= Ii (L)

Ӥӥ (C)= Ïï (L)

Йй (C)= Jj (L)

Кк (C)= Kk (L)

Лл (C)= Ll (L)

Мм (C)= Mm (L)

Нн (C)= Nn (L)

Oo (C)= Oo (L)

Ӧӧ (C)= Ӧӧ (L)

Пп (C) (Fun fact: the letter P is also used in Greek as the uppercase P: Pi/"П")= Pp (L)

Яя (C)= Qq (L)

Цц (C)= Ss (L)

Щщ (C)= Shsh (L)

Тт (C)= Tt (L)

Уу (C)= Uu (L)

Ӱӱ (C)= Üü (L)

Вв (C)= Vv (L)

Шш (C)= Ww (L)

Хх (C)= Xx (L)

Ыы (C)= Yy (L)

Зз (C)= Zz (L)

Жж (C)= Zhzh (L)

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