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by China fanatic (

Lame English-to-Chinese Translator is now on Scratch! Check it out at [] (!

NOTE: this translator does not work well backwards, but is best used with Lame Chinese-to-English translator ( Translate your English text to Chinese, then back to English, thus producing a horrible result.

Read my blog post about these translators here:

This is a simplified Chinese "translator" made by copying word lists, pasting them into Google Translate, and pasting them into the LingoJam interface.
Thus, it is much worse than Google Translate as: one, it does not translate phrases properly; two, the phrasing and grammar is not necessarily correct; three, the words only have one translation, so it will not fit the context; four, the spaces are not even gotten rid of. It should be obvious by now that this is just for fun, and not to be used for any formal stuff. Neither should you email me at [email protected] for translation services.
If you have any words that you want to add into this translator, type it in to the suggestions box (above), then click "send"! I'll try my best to update it with as many words as possible. It currently has the top 2000 words used in English, plus some more!
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