Lacue (Logoåre̊) Translator

Based on French, Romanian, and Galician

Lacue (pronounce "Lack") has an OSV sentence structure (i.e. "I am running with the ball" would be "with the ball I am running", and translates to "Cåven bollê jenû cůrresa.")
There are no articles in this conlang, but they're still needed to make phrases work!
å = ah sound (as in "awesome")
â = uh sound
e̊ = ey sound
ê/ue/s (in the middle/end of words) = silent
i̊ = ye sound
î = ih sound
o̊ = the beginning sound of "oh"
ô = rounded "ee" sound
ů = ooh sound (as in "would")
û = ooh sound (as in "cute")
r = French/Danish R sound
If my name was Lacue, it would be Dani̊llâ de Regolivâ.

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