LGBTQIA+ terminology translator (gay, trans, lesbian, gender, LGBT)

I can't add much punctuation to the translations or it won't work :D

Look up "update log" for recently updated/uploaded terminology.

Guys!!! Someone opened up this translator from which means someone bookmarked this translator!!! Now, that might have been me, but YAY!!! AND SOMEONE FROM BING!!! and I don't use Bing, so... No search results yet though... Keep up the support though! Almost to 3,000, we can do it!

THERE IS A LOT IN HERE!!! So please read the whole description before you ask a question or make a suggestions though the suggestions box!


This is a safe space for everyone, you can email me at [email protected] (I know it's a silly email I'm a silly person) and I can help you with emotional problems although I don't have anyone I know that can help me with supplies (like binders and such).

Don't bully people in the discussion, but feel free to use it! Please do actually, this would be a great place to support each other!

I would totally throw a "p" up there for "pan" on the title but then people who have it bookmarked wouldn't be able to come back to it because the link would change. I support pan people though!

If there is randomly two or three "s"s where it looks like there should be one, I'm sorry about that, please notify me! My s key is broken... and my w and x... and my 2... Okay, bottom line, my keyboard's shot.

There are so many terms in the LGBTQIAP+ world... how do we know what all of them mean? That's what this translator is for :D

Please don't hate me but platonic orientations? Not gonna do. Reason being is mostly because I don't fully understand it. Also, you can just take the sexualities and put them in a platonic context. The only romantic orientation I'm going to do is aro, because aro, just take the sexualities and put them in a romantic-only context. (Not to say platonic and romantic orientations aren't important I'm just lazy, I might do them eventually but for now... nope.)

I do know my fair share about terminology, as having THE THREE COOLEST FLAGS (color-scheme wise and in my opinion, I'm genderfluid and abro and usually omni) will get you pretty deep in the LGBTQIAP+ community. I'm not saying I know everything! As of now, though, I'm pretty sure it's mostly complete.

I did a quick survey of what other websites have, and let me tell you, this is the best place to get your terms! No one else has such a large scope of terms! (with the exception of unfiltered sites)

Identifying with two terms is fine! I for one identify as a trans female as well as genderfluid because I feel female so often!

Really random side note: stop pretending you understand transgender peoples' struggle, it's assumptive and rude. It's like being white and saying you understand racism against POC (people/person of color). You don't, because you aren't a POC.

On that note, straight and cisgender allies, we thank you for your support! I cannot say that enough!

Another thing: stop saying polysexual people of any kind are wrong or confused or can't decide. I have seen someone say that, get out.

Asexual people are not heartless or broken, as well as aromantics, demisexuals, gray aces, etc! It's okay to feel that way!

Trans people, including non-binary people, are not fake. Stop treating them as such! It's just mean!

Don't be mean to genderfluid, genderflux, aceflux, and abrosexuals are not fake or broken or confused or unstable or indecisive!

If I put something that isn't right or there is a different definition, please notify me through the suggestions box. I don't know everything (albeit I know a little more than your average person like I mentioned earlier)!

I know there are some words with meanings outside of the LGBTQIAP+ community, please stop telling me that. I'm not going to put it on there because it doesn't have to do with the theme of the translator.

Keep in mind many of these terms come down to preference, for example people who are non-binary may feel this way because they feel both male and female, but the term bigender or polygender didn't feel like the right match. Or people who are pan have preference but they don't feel the need for using the term omni.

I understand I don't have the term LGBTQIAP+ in there, 1) the + causes translation issues (on either side) and 2) there are so many variations, (like LGBT, LGBT+, LGBTQ, LGBTQ+, LGBTQIA, LGBTQIA+, LGBTQIAP, LGBTQIAPK etc.) it just gets too confusing. But, it basically just means "The overall queer community". Also, many people won't put the "k" on because it means kink, look at the definition for that one to find out why.

If a definition is really, REALLY off, just tell me. It's probably a formatting issue (e.g.: I put the definition for "lesbian" under "enbian"), nothing to worry about!

Stop telling me I did something wrong if I already covered it in the description that I saw it! Obviously keep telling me about other terms I missed, formatting issues, multiple "s"s, etc. but still! It's kind of annoying to have ten suggestions that say the same thing, because they all show up separately so my suggestion box gets filled... a lot...

Y'all should I do common misconceptions for every term? at 3,000 visits I for sure will.

Look up "pronoun chart" for a pronoun chart.

Y'all I have barely any time to do this with everything going on in my life but I'll try to get on it as much as possible I promise! I might be a lil less professional though, especially with some of the new stuff (not that I was that professional to begin with...)

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