Korenga Translator

Substitution Cipher: Use the provided Korean-inspired substitution cipher key to encrypt your message. Replace each letter of the English alphabet with its corresponding Korean symbol or pronunciation.
Reverse the Word: After encrypting your message using the substitution cipher, to reverse the words in your encrypted sentence, you would need to rearrange the order of the words from the end to the beginning.
Removal of Every Second Letter: Once the words are reversed, remove every second letter from the encrypted sentence. For each pair of consecutive letters, keep only the first letter and discard the second one.
Decryption: To decrypt the message, reverse the process. First, add a placeholder or placeholder symbol at the appropriate positions to indicate the missing letters. Then, reverse the order of the words in the encrypted sentence. Use the provided decryption key to convert the remaining letters back to English. Finally, remove the placeholders and the second letter of each pair to obtain the original message.

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