Koosh Language Translator

Making a fictional language for an alien race because I can. Transliteration guide:
All Koosh words will be transliterated into the following characters:
(First word represents length of pulse, and second represents the brightness)
A = Short, bright
E = Short, medium-bright
I = Short, medium
O = Short, medium-dim
U = Short, dim
B = Long, bright
C = Long, medium-bright
D = Long, medium
F = Long, medium-dim
G = Long, dim
H = Medium-long, bright
J = Medium-long, medium-bright
K = Medium-long, medium
L = Medium-long, medium-dim
M = Medium-long, dim
N = Medium, bright
P = Medium, medium-bright
Q = Medium, medium
R = Medium, medium-dim
S = Medium, dim
T = Medium-short, bright
V = Medium-short, medium-bright
W = Medium-short, medium
X = Medium-short, medium-dim
Y = Medium-short, dim
Z = Very long, bright
‘ = Diverbum separator
Diverbum are sections of a word that are flashed all at once, and as such, are always no longer than 8 letters.

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