Kirmzetta Stone Translator

A translator that deciphers words from Erdoten k'Eilerten into English and vice versa.

This translator is designated for dragons on the Order shard to quickly translate sentences and phrases from English to Erdoten k'Eilerten (Language of Dragons).
As a note, this language has feminine and masculine words so if you see an "o/a" it simply is going in order of masculine/feminine. For example: At'eo/a. At'eo is used for males, At'ea is used for females, and so on.
If your sentence has:
It might say "k'the", "k'a", or "k'an", and that should just be " k' ". I haven't figured out how to use the translator code to fix that entirely.
Some words may be intended as nouns, but may not actually be spelled correctly due to my failing to update some stuff. For example: "See that building?" should be "Mese oit keliset?" but 'keliset' will be 'kelisep' because of my lack of fixes. Noun derivatives of a verb end in (-t) or (-at) [build: kelise, building: kelisep OR keliset]. Just know your context!
The Common Conjunctions: m'da (me-dah) r'da (re-dah) ['r' is slightly rolled] s'da (se-dah) u'da (oo-dah)
Sometimes the translator still has little hiccups (that I'm not sure how to fix yet) so if you find a word that doesn't translate over then I can only recommend to weed it out or report it to me so I can investigate.
This is a progressed version of the previous language. Keir Chet k'Eilerten (The Great Circle of Dragons) faded out and took their language with them... comparably to what happened to Latin. When I say "progressed" I mean that I've looked over the language rigorously and made connections. With these connections I forged new words that I feel the guild would agree with. This also poses a problem--synonyms and antonyms don't work extremely well so finding the right word will probably be tricky until I've updated this more fully. It also makes the issue of Dragon Tongue >>> English translation fairly rough and sometimes... it probably won't make sense. Just give it a shot and PLEASE, I beg that you give me feedback!
I will update this as frequently as I can. HOWEVER, I need your feedback to do it!

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