Kinfok Tunja (family language) Translator

Alphabet: A K D E F J H I L M N O P R S T U V W Y Vowels: A E I O U ‘
A like in Avacado E like in garden I like in Caffine only at the very end or beginning of a word I like in Lick any other time O like in Mope U like in Utter ‘ as a vowel separator
suffixes: -Ana: same as ING in English, active tense marker (running) -An: same as ER in English, one who does/is (banker) -Or: plural marker, like -S in English -S: past tense marker, like -ED in English -Thaut: school of thought, denoting a philosophy or ideology.
Prefixes: Vi: very, a lot, emphasizes subject Ill: bad, gross, poor quality Seita: group, club, organization Fo: able to, can do

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