Kenrald's Elder Speech {WIP} Translator

Elder Speech (Kenrald e.)

[WIP] This is a little translator meant mainly for D&D or other TRPGs. My main goal was to make a campaing based on elder speech and players trying to partially learn it. My main goal for the end is to make my players understand and speek simple things like "Follow me", "What is this?", "Fucking human/elf/dwarf" etc. This should help you make a relatively believable speech with memorasible words for your players. All the unknown words are taken mainly from welsh and irish, sometimes another languages.
If your word is not being translated - try to use simplified language. example: "I was running like a beautifuly coloured bird flying through hot desert wind" (gibberish duh) is a bad sentence. It would be better to write "i was run like a beautiful colour bird (that) fly through hot desert wind".
If there are some words that are not present in this translator - you can just translate them in google translator to welsh or irish. Or you can make a suggestion and i will try to add them. You can also join my subreddit:
If there are mistakes in this translator you can make a suggestion and i will fix them.
Last added words 30.04.22. Been a while but i'm back
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