Keenish translator

English ➡️ ꖌᒷᒷᒲ:̍ı⍑

This is my take on transliterating text into the Standard Galactic Alphabet (AKA the "Minecraft Enchantment Table language").

I tried to use characters that had shapes more faithful to the original SGA translation found in "Commander Keen, Invasion of the Vorticons, Episode Three: Keen Must Die", but now some of them are backward.

Besides my minor changes, the rest of this was stolen from this translator:

Note: I really don't recommend using this, because many programs don't format the characters correctly, and combining two letters that use diacritical marks (e.g. b+c) will often fuse in unintended ways. And for some reason, it keeps outputting the letter "a" as "ղ" when it should be "Ղ". I currently don't know how to fix this (also I can't be bothered).

Made by Nari1102

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