Kazish (It may need a better name) Translator

based off of Dutch (ALSO: Please read the description before using the translator)

I've based this off of Dutch (I like to call it Dootch). I'm still working on how this will work, so bear with me. Also, if you can think of a better name for the language ('cause IMO, Kazish as a name for the language sucks), please let me know.

ALSO: Some of the translations will be the same, or they will have been purposely changed, because of the use of original Dutch (some phrases are the same in Dutch, though they are different in English), so just keep that in mind when using the translator.

A few notes to keep in mind when using this translator:

Hard letters (K, G, D, etc.) will sound nasally (If you need to, please look up Google Translate and put in Dutch, so you'll better understand the sounds and pronunciation).

I may add stress symbols to the words, but it depends on how simple I want it to be. If I do add some, I'll have them listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: The conjunctions "I'd", "I'll", "I'm", "I've", and the he/she/it variations DO NOT work right. This is what they're supposed to be (and conjunctions in general do not work, so if possible, please do not use conjunctions):

I'd= Ek zu

I'll= Ek zel

I'm= Ek ban

I've= Ek hab

He/she/it'd= Heh/seh/et zu

He/she/it'll= Heh/seh/et zel

He/she/it's= Heh/seh/et es


I/IJ= ee/ih (the sound in "ICK") sound

AA= aah sound

EE= eh sound

EI/EIJ(Typically at the end of a word)= ey/eh sound

EJ= uh/ay sound(Typically at the end of a word)

O= aw/oh sound

OU= ow sound

E= ey sound

A= aw/ah sound

SCH= sh sound

CH= k/ch sound

G= h/nasally g sound (look up Google Translate if need-be)

Have fun, and let me know of any problems you run into with this translator! (ALSO: If you're going to use this for any public purpose/sharing with friends/family, please credit me! My name is Creepergirl7794)

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