Kaweka Translator

Sand Elven

Kaweka is an incredibly ancient language native to only the Sand Elves of the Dunerought desert. Their markings and early writings can be found in deep caverns across the continent of Augora but are not easily translatable due to the modern dialect of Kaweka differing slightly. Kaweka is considered a locked language as Sand Elves don't permit the teaching of their tongue to outsiders. Unlike Elvish which is much more fluid, Kaweka is incredibly dynamic and punctuated with strong accents and sometimes violent-sounding pronunciations of words. Other elves describe Kaweka as the "tribal tongue" and is held as a much more grittier and lowly way of speaking especially according to the High Elves. Elves from other places will call the sand elves the Erek Kaweh which translates directly to sand or eath elf.

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