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Request words and phrases by filling in this form (my editor is lagging quite a bit, so suggestions may be delayed): https://forms.gle/bFreZkP7Q2stPU686
Rare translations are provided by Pleco. Japanese readings and meanings are found on Jisho and Nihongo-pro.
Note that the translations are word-by-word, meaning that they may be grammatically incorrect.
I'm building some grammar, refer to this link: https://tinyurl.com/2p99zfy7
Readings for characters can be found here (510 readings currently listed): https://tinyurl.com/6sjksk2y
List of classifiers: https://tinyurl.com/3rkhwdfv
For enhanced experience, I've switched from Japanese kanas to Latin characters for readings.
Vowel guide: a /a/, ar /ɑ/, e /ɛ/, er /ʌ/, i /i/, ir /ɘ/, o /o/, or /ɔ/, u /ɯ/, ur /u/
7000+ words and phrases available for translation (not counting conjugations and inflections).
Tones: High, middle, rising and low. High syllables will be marked with an apostrophe ('), rising syllables are followed by a colon (:), while low ones are accompanied by a comma (,).

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