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Hello everybody!
I'm back to renovate the language, and I will find the time to continue uploading on YouTube. You can request words and phrases by filling in this form: https://forms.gle/bFreZkP7Q2stPU686
Note that the translations are word-by-word, meaning that they may be grammatically incorrect. I will try to come up with grammar structures for the language at a later time. You can reveal the reading of each character by putting the desired character on the left, and the reading will be shown on the right.
4000+ words and phrases added! (not counting conjugations and inflections). 10000 translation rules reached!
Tones: based on the tone system for Cantonese but tone 4 is unused, therefore tone 4 for Japano will be tone 5 of Cantonese, and tone 5 will be tone 6.
Stop consonants: ク /k/, ツ /t/, プ /p/, ム /m/, ヌ /n/
Extra characters with pronunciations:
/ŋ/: ガ, ギ, グ, ゲ, ゴ
/ʃ/: サ, シ, ス, セ, ソ (note that is pronounced 'si' instead of 'shi')
/v/: バ, ビ, ブ, ベ, ボ
/l/: ラ, リ, ル, レ, ロ
*Note: し /si/, ち /ti/, ぢ /di/

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