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[2/20/2024] 10500 visitors, many thanks!
Hello everybody! Long time no see! I'm back to rework on the language, with the most notable change being the newly adopted usage of Hiragana, making Japano much less complicated.
Request words and phrases by filling in this form: https://forms.gle/bFreZkP7Q2stPU686
Kanjis are taken from lists made by Nihongo-pro. Rarely used words may contain characters that are out of the 2136 commonly used kanjis.
Readings are revealed by copying the words in the right box to the left (work in progress, but more are expected to be done soon).
Note that the translations are word-by-word (in accordance with what the user inputs on the left field), meaning that they may be grammatically incorrect. Japano is an SOV language and I'm not sure how to make the translations follow that structure, unfortunately.
Japano is now a language making use of vowel harmony, and the basis is that within a clause/sentence, all syllables are either back 「あ、お、う」 or front「え、い」vowels. The words you see in the translation box are their 'original' form, and thus vowels are expected to be altered as follows: あ、お→え; う→い;え→あ; い→う
10000+ words and phrases available for translation (not counting conjugations and inflections; note that not all of them have been updated to the new version of the language).
Tones (old feature, Japano is now non-tonal): High, middle, rising and low. High syllables will be marked with an apostrophe ('), rising syllables are followed by a colon (:), while low ones are accompanied by a comma (,).

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