Japanese Text Generator (乇乂丅尺卂 丅卄工匚匚 vaporwave ォ威嵐)

Welcome to the most complete Japanese text generator on the internet! It produces 6 different Japanese style text fonts, including the classic full-width Vaporwave/Aesthetic styles, and three different extra thicc text styles. You can copy and paste these fonts into social media posts, bios, etc. to get that aesthetic feel, or just for fun.
These Japanese style letters come from the Unicode standard. It was put together in the 1980s, and now includes over 100,000 different symbols. So there are many more textual characters out there than the ones you see on your keyboard. Obviously other languages need characters as well, and since Unicode is an international organisation, they wanted to cater to everyone with their text encoding rule set. Now, in amongst all the Japanese characters, there are many that sort of look like characters from the Latin alphabet (i.e. the ones you're reading right now). For example, "乇" looks a bit like "E". So we can use that to produce a Japanese "font" for English characters. And indeed, that's how this Japanese font generator works, and why you're able to copy and paste the resulting characters (which you wouldn't be able to do if it were an actual font).
Unicode has all sorts of fancy symbols that we can use to create different alphabets, and so I've included a bunch more fonts other than the Japanese ones. And I guess they ones at the top could be more generally called "Asian style text fonts", since the full-width text isn't just used in Japan.
In case it wasn't clear, it should be noted that this generator doesn't convert your text to the actual Japanese language! It just converts text into Japenese-style symbols that you can use for memes or whatever. That's how the 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚 thing got started, by the way - a silly meme about Aku from Samurai Jack ordering an "extra thick" henchman to assassinate Jack. But that's a story for another time.
In any case, if this Japanese text generator was useful please leave a comment below! Also feel free to leave feedback too. If you've found a cool Japanese text font that I haven't included, please share it! The full alphabet would be useful, so I don't have to go hunting to find the rest of the symbols, and can add it to this generator right away. 卞廾丹几片己!

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