Isho's Halfling Translator

For those playing Dungeons and Dragons as a Halfling

there isn't enough D&D halfling words that I could find, so I started making up my own language for the race.

I can't seem to get the conjunctions to work yet, so just look up the two words, and then add on the last two letters of the second word onto the first after a '. i.e They're= Enda'oo

I provided the basic numbers 1-9 10-99 are spoken like one zero, one one, one two, etc. type out one hundred to get the result for that, same with 200 101and on is one hundred AND, and then the next number i.e. one hundred and one

with a plural word, like rabbits, add 'n' onto the end of the word. if n is already at the end of the word, use 'f' i.e. tapucn or razanf (foreigners)

Dear, or any other pet name, are all the same. Faolo

to show possession, generally put a th on the end, either just tacked on there, or after an apostrophe i.e Ignis'th

I'm currently working on a list of Halfling curse words and insults. in my mind, since halflings are considered nice and polite to everyone, anything said in a vaguely negative/ sarcastic/ passive aggressive way would be considered extremely rude.

for now, assume a word ending in 'ing' ends in 'to' i.e get/ getting (which i have in the translator already) are wul/ wulto

Any past word, like did or got (do, get) is the same as the regular verb, but has 'er' attached to it i.e do/ did man/ maner- get/ got wul/ wuler

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