Intellian Translator

Let these Powefull ancient words transform your life with the magic used by the most powerfull witches in our history

A language that's tens of thousands of years old, its common use is long gone only a few powerful families of witches used this language up to the early 16th century, to cast their spells and enchant their potions, when the last known witch using this language died in Londen 1513. The Witch known as Miläwşä Xafasa Reyhane was burned at the stake at a young age for thievery and witchcraft. Legends say that the young witch disappeared into nothingness while burning in front of a crowd of hundreds of people.

Only a few words have yet been translated today from old manuscripts but the translation progress is still ongoing so this translater will evolve over time. The language never developed a writing script of its own and adopted the Latin alphabet in the 11th century and its script developed from thereon. To this day this is the largest translation effort into this language and even due to its Latin-ish script the project is off to a slow start because of the lack of material to work from.

For any questions or information concerning the Intellian language contact us at [email protected]

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