Idk what i,m doing of 2 Translator

Oh Idk idk

So this is idk what i,m doing of 2 a advanced version anyways both 1 and 2 are created by 😜😜😜😜 me of course but uh this is the one and the ONLY name that was available tho this is a translator that makes random text also for chatting on disqus and that what really matters on this website yeah mainly cause SO PEOPLE CAN CHAT HERE anyway please etheier Uhhhhhhhhhhh oh yeah use the translator to copy and paste or use the CHAT orrrrrrr just use both Tho but i,m a little lazy so not many words are in but tell me on suggestions to improve this translator or say on the chat box so i,'ll see it and put it on I realized this won,t be easy cause 20000 words that's a lot of words I guess and use the chat and random text for example let,s put the word "the" well if you translate it than i,'ll change to "meh"...okay not all words are random alright well there diffrent words as you see...anyways there are

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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