Huttese For Dummies Translator

It's so simple, even a sleemo could do it.

Huttese is meant to be a genderless language, so when gender appears, it's either for the benefit of non-Hutts (it is a trade language), or it's a mistake. Please use your imagination, this is Star Wars.
Huttese is meant to be a simplistic language that's easy to translate to and from Basic. It's more simplistic than Basic, so some words in Basic don't exist in Huttese. If there's an extra space, it's because Huttese doesn't have that word.
What do hyphens mean? Only George Lucas knows!
Work in progress etc, still trying to figure out some kinks.
Feel free to put suggestions for words this should have, phrases you want it to auto generate, or request a word to be named after you...

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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