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Translation from English to Inkling

20th February 2021: — G, H, I and J are finished. (following the LingoJam word list) — Fixed translation problem with I'm, I've, It's, I'd, etc. — A few repeating words but will fix tomorrow.

UPDATED DESCRIPTION. Sorry for being extremely inactive, a lot of personal life got in the damn way. I'm gonna try and prioritize this to be finished. Will take quite a long while, though. NOTE, THE TRANSLATOR IS NOT YET FINISHED. I will post updates (with date) regarding the progress all the way above.

ALSO, if you put in a word, and the translator gives you the same word back (Eg. "Goose" results in "Goose"), that means that word is not in the list. If you want, you can suggest it down so I can add it into the list. I'd add more by following an English dictionary, but then it'd take absolutely forever.


"Inkling", or "Inklish" is an entirely made-up language that's unintelligible nonsense. I'm making this translator as a sort of "filler text" thing. If you ever wanted to voice-act inklings, but don't even know their language so you just use English? Well, you could use this (when it's finished, that is...) to make some Inkling dialogue. You can also do the same thing yourself! What I did was just go on Google Translate, put in a specific word, copy the Japanese pronunciation, and the rearrange the letters. So, most of the "Inkling" words here are literally rearranged Japanese words, though some don't have changes. But it doesn't matter 'cause Inkling is gibberish Japanese (I think Hiragana) anyways.

If you ever want to contact me about anything regarding this translator, you can message me through Discord (Velepexon#9221).

Extra thing I forgot, if you want pronunciations for the inkling words, I'll do my best to make a text-to-speech thing for it. But for now, you'll need to hear how Japanese is spoken. Just hear enough of it to roughly pronounce Japanese words. Sukinanda, Koninchiwa, Omae wa mou shindeiru, etc. Then, implement that way of speaking into the Inkling words. However, some of the long words need to be spoken faster (depends on how fast you say the English word in a normal sentence). The reason why I'm fine with long words needing to be spoken fast is because Pearl literally sings "Keremariteremarichanerarineraji" in 2 seconds, and Japanese people themselves (at least, the ones I've seen online) can speak extremely fast, so it's gonna take a lot of trial and error. Don't believe me on the 2 second part? https://youtu.be/p-xvUfi21Zg?t=64

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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