Hiragana To Rōmaji Translator


This translator is to convert Hiragana to Rōmaji.

You CAN'T do reverse translation. Diacritics is not available now, but will be come soon! Just some digraphs are available.

Available characters until now:

∅ あ い う え お

k か き く け こ

s さ し す c そ

t た ち つ て と

n な に ぬ ね の

h は ひ ふ へ ほ

m ま み む め も

y や ゆ よ

r ら り る れ ろ

w わ ゐ ゑ を

ん (n)

きゃ (kya) にゃ (nya) きょ (kyo)

(WARNING: Digraphs may not work) (Communicate us in case of not working)

Sources: Wikipedia (Wikimedia)

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