Hawaiian Pidgin Translator

Hawaiian Pidgin is an English creole spoken in Hawaii, originating from the plantation workers who came from numerous countries such as Japan, the Philippines, Portugal, etc. Since they did not speak the same languages as each other, the plantation workers used English and filled in the gaps with words from their own native languages.

Some of the words were taken from the Hawaiian Pidgin translation of the Bible: http://www.pidginbible.org/Concindex.html

Other words were taken from different sources.

If there is a word that needs context in order to function, then it will come out as "word(context)/word(context)". If you would like for this to not happen, type in "word(context) for the translation to come out as just a word.

PROGRESS: Somewhat finished.

NOTE: This translator is not 100% accurate in terms of vocabulary and spelling. However, as time progresses, the accuracy will hopefully improve.

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