Halloncian (2.0) translator

Hallonzean/Halloweespowkeen/Spowkeen o' Hallonze/A' Werhallonze'ees Spowkeen

This is a translator for a personal Anglo-Frisian rooted conlang for a worldbuilding project of mine. It's basically what would happen if one was to spread out Halloween/Samhain into a culture, nature, and of course language. Borrowed words from modern English & French/Anglo-French are present in a modernization process of the language. This does not count the borrowed words from Celtic languages present as that's down to a cultural level as well as an attempt to maintain the "look" of this conlang.
Also if you type in "(archaic)" followed by a word without a space between them there is a chance you'll find one of the many old/archaic Halloncian words.

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