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Welcome to the Groxus Mando'a language - a speech variety of Mando'a, the Mandalorian language, spoken by the Groxus Clan in the Aliit Groxus Campaign on the Star Forge server of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The lexicon and syntax for this tool has been conlanged using universal linguistic principles and based almost entirely on the canon corpus prescribed on, as well as the grammar rules prescribed in the article "The Mandalorians: People and Culture" in issue 86 of Star Wars Insider. As such, it is incomplete. If you wish to have a word conlanged, please reach out to me on Discord, in game, or through the email address below! Enjoy!
Conlanged by Ezeni Groxus

Tips for getting the most grammatical accuracy out of the Groxus Mando'a Translator
Lingojam is a wonderful free service, and I'm very grateful to them, but I am not a programmer, and the software has certain limitations. These basic tips are to help you get around those limitations.
For the best translations try to remember the following:
*This translator is primarily intended to translate from Basic (English) to Groxus Mando'a.
*Avoid splitting infinitives. Infinitives are coded as "to + verb". This is especially important with modal verbs such as "can" (liser) and "must" or "have to" (enteyor)
*Try to put adverbs after pronouns to help with infinitives. So for example, word your sentences as such: "You always can tell me the truth", rather than, "You can always tell me the truth."
*Contractions like can't, don't, wouldn't, etc are problematic. Instead spell them out: cannot, do not, would not.
*Mando'a has only 3 tenses and no aspect: past, present and future and no (-ing) forms. So all verbs should be conjugated in simple forms, i.e. simple past, simple present and simple future using the modal "will". Additionally, use "will" instead of "going to".
*Questions: Avoid subject-aux inversions and "do/does" constructions. Questions in Mando'a are formed by placing a specific WH-word like, "who", "where" or when", or the generic question word "Tion" in front a simple declarative sentence. So, for example, "Where are you going?" would be (Vaii + you go). "When does the fight begin?" would be, (Tion'tuur + the fight begins). "Are you Mandalorian?" would be (Tion + you are Mandalorian). "Do you speak Mando'a?" would be (Tion + you speak Mando'a?).
*Omissions: There are words that exist but can be dropped from common speech. Among them are: The verb "to be" (cuyir) in the present tense. Indefinite determiner "a/an", definite determiner "the".
*The problem with "like": Because the word "like" in English can be a preposition, conjunction, noun, adjective, adverb, AND a verb, I chose to code like for the first 5 parts of speech. For the proper Mando'a translation of the verb "to like", use instead, the verbs "enjoy" or "fancy".

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