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Latin to Gothic script transcriber and instant dictionary

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Transcribe from the Latin script to the Gothic script, as in, the actual historic Gothic language of the Germanic family, the script thereof invented by Wulfila (lower case only here)

þ Ζ• <-- copy these for easy use, or use "y" and "v", respectively

Also, numbers of up to three digits are accurately transcribed to their corresponding Gothic letters, using two hyphens "-" surrounding the numerals, as shown below (now without glitchings when it comes to new lines!):

Find single words in Gothic by entering a word in all caps

Some words have multiple Gothic definitions, which can be accessed as demonstrated below

Typing a word in all caps with an asterisk (*) after it shows the Latin transliteration and part of speech, with declension/conjugation information

!!! The English-Gothic instant dictionary is finished as of 8-4-2018 !!! Gothic-English instant dictionary coming soon!

Can't remember a certain declension rule? Simply type the capital first letter of the gender ("M", "N" or "F"), an underscore ("_"), the stem ("A", "I", "I/O", "JA", "JO", "N", "ND", "O", "R" or "U") and a question mark ("?", "*?" if you want it displayed in the Latin script) with no spaces to show the list of endings for that rule. For a more specific result, add the case ("NOM", "ACC", "GEN" or "DAT"), and to narrow it down even more, add another underscore and the grammatical number ("_SING" or "_PLUR")

Note: as there are two different forms of the masculine -Ja stem (short and long), accessing them here is accomplished as shown below

Quick adjective declension access coming soon, maybe one day even quick verb conjugation access!

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The Gothic Alphabet

Don't know the International Phonetic Alphabet? Check out this site right here:

I hope you enjoy this transcriber and instant dictionary!

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