GoneTongue Official (Unofficial) Translator for the Anvenlem, a human subrace on the Minecraft roleplay server, Roykland. Visit Roykland at www.roykland.net.

GoneTongue is a work-in-progress language for the Anvenlem, a fantasy human subrace.

Roykland is an up-and-coming Minecraft roleplay server, set in the magical land of Latya. With airships, guns and more, it is waiting for a new adventure and for YOU! You can find it's Enjin page here!

GoneTongue is mainly based on the Language of the Gargoyles in the game Ultima Wisdom. It has been edited to work with English grammar and basic conversation, and terminology solely for the game Ultima Wisdom has been removed. You can look at the original list of vocabulary here. All credit for the original language goes to Ultima Wisdom And Origin Systems, Inc.

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