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The language of the Gliesians.

The Aphrodonisian people are a human culture found in the System Aphrodonisia. They were the first group of people to formally settle in a star system other than Sol and, due to unfortunate circumstances, became completely isolated for almost 300 years (2359-2647 A.D.). This complete isolation allowed the Aphrodonisians to create their own culture and language.
The first thing you will notice about their culture is that it's very strange. A good reason for this is that the original settlers were Welsh, Irish, Korean, and Japanese.
Early History:
By the 2300s humanity was a spacefaring species and as such, most people, no matter the language, culture, or religion were fully assimilating with each other.
Who you assimilated with depended on who's Moon or Mars base was closest to you and it just so happened that the only Welsh speaking Mars colony was next to a large Japanese Martian research complex.
After the Civil War and subsequent collapse of the United Terrestrial Kingdom [UTK], the people populating that specific part of Mars (which numbered in the 10s of thousands) left for a new system far from Sol. Upon finding Aphrodonisia, the settlers landed on the first 'potentially habitable' planet they could find which was lucky because what they had landed on was a utopia compared to the polluted husk that Earth had become.
The First 100 Years:
The population at this time consisted of 40% Welsh, 34% Japanese, 15% Korean, and 11% Irish settlers. The language barrier was noted many times by historians within the colony, sometimes leading to small disputes over leadership and direction. In short, the first decade was tough.
By year 25 most settlers had either learned Welsh, English, or Japanese. The reason for English being present was because it was easier to learn English than Welsh in a shorter amount of time for the Japanese and Koreans due to the lower number of consonants plus most of the Welsh and Irish were native English speakers too with some being intermediate meaning they could still communicate with the Japanese and Koreans in English if needed.
On the 50th anniversary of the settlement the first death of old age was recorded but the name of the perished soul was lost. By this point all children born into the settlement were being taught both Welsh and Japanese. The Koreans and Irish had all learnt one or both of these languages meaning, for the first time, the entire population were united in tongue.
Downfall of the settlers:
The triumph of the first generation settlers of Aphrodonisia was great but it got to the heads of the second generation who generally went about life in a careless and Dodo-like fashion. This attitude changed when a massive Stellar Flare hit the planet from the host star completely destroying all electronic devices on the planet while also causing a mini ice age that lasted the next 30 years.
With no electricity and no warmth, over half of the 60,000 second generation settlers were killed. Those who remained had been warned by their host star that no people are immortal.
The Two Clans:
The first Aphrodonisian Clan, the Taeruseo, had appeared. Their name was a Welsh, Japanese mix which meant 'to withstand'. The Taeruseo Clan went back to their roots and adopted a lifestyle last witnessed in the 1300s on Earth.
A few of the survivors were not happy with the way the Taeruseo just accepted their fate so decided to form their own clan; the Saomutiorii.
The next 100 years marked division and strife between the two clans as they struggled to mutually agree on a way of life. While the Taeruseo were for peace and equal servings of crop throughout the community, the Saomutiorii took a much more feudal approach whereby he who had the crop had the power. This feudal system gave rise to a caste system not dissimilar to that of feudal Japan. The Taeruseo Clan immediately saw this and knew how dangerous it could become so they quietly started preparing for war.
In 2473 the Taeruseo and Saomutiorii finally broke into war and, despite all the preparation the Taeruseo had put into their defences, the Saomutiorii cut them down in their thousands.
The Last Clan and the Aphrodonisian Language:
After the defeat of the Taeruseo Clan, most of its members sided with the Saomutiorii leading to the slow demise of the Taeruseo people.
The Saomutiorii were now victorious and free to do as they liked.
The next 174 years were characterised by a distinctly familiar period where the majority of people worked the land while a warrior class [Kanemayati] policed them while an overlord class ruled them [Ukuremudrota] who were in turn ruled by their Chieftain [Mariyotimo]. Does this ring any bells?
By 2647 the Saomutiorii were a staunch warrior people who knew a race with far superior technology could attack at any point...
Discovery of the Aphrodonisians:
By the 2640s the previously war torn Solar System was devoid of human life; they had all left for better worlds and brighter futures. A great Empire had formed in the ashes of the UTK, a unification of humanity called the Grand Interstellar Empire [GIE].
The GIE's navy, the Imperial Space Force [ISF] stumbled across Aphrodonisia by accident and were very surprised to find, of all creatures, Humans living primitive lives seemingly out of nowhere.
A small war was waged between the two peoples as they violently found out who each of them was and where they had come from. The Interstellestrian Admirals were so impressed by the fighting spirit of the Saomutiorii, especially the Kanemayati, that they decided to strike a deal with them. They come and fight for the Empire in return for new tech, better lives, and protection. The Mariyotiumo, visited the Empress Fleúriñci of the GIE to offer his Kanehai [Aphrodonisian Katana] and thus his allegiance to her and the GIE. He proclaimed her the Mehiredo [Empress/Emperor] of Aphrodonisia.
And so, here we are, the 2700s. The Saomutiorii Clan are thriving in their new Empire and the Empire's military is thriving thanks to them.
The current form of Aphrodonisian is spoken by all Saomutiorii and it is a mix of Japanese, Welsh, and Concomitant [21st Century] English.
DISCLAIMER: This particular version is not Romanised meaning the characters displayed in the translation are Aphrodonisian, not Latin. The issue with this is that Aphrodonisian doesn't have a character for the letters K, Q, V, X, or Z. Originally, these letters didn't exist in Aphrodonisian due to the Welsh influence but recent evolution of the language as a result of exposure to Náwe Lífian [Neo-English] has allowed these letters to sneak in. I am using a font to show the Aphrodonisian characters so if you are copy and pasting translations, they will paste in a romanised format.
Speaking Gliesian (Good luck):
For those who might want to speak this language, my advice is do not to try to mix Japanese, Welsh, and English accents but instead use something that resembles an It

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