Girl Voice Changer (online pitch changer)


Welcome! This is a tool to convert your voice (or an audio clip that you give it) to a girl's voice. Note that voice pitch varies a lot with age - a girl's voice will tend to be more higher-pitched compared to an adult woman due to their smaller vocal cords, so we've added a drop-down menu for you to choose how high-pitched (or "young") you want your modulated voice to sound.

There's no software download needed to use this online audio changer - all you have to do is click "record a clip" and speak into the microphone to modify your voice. It's free to use this voice converter and you can save your audio by pressing the download button. Alternatively, you can upload an audio clip or a voice recording to add voice effects to that instead.

Wandering how voices work? Our voices are made audible using three main parts: our lungs, our vocal cords (or folds) and articulators (so basically, anything inside our mouth - cheeks, tongue, lips, palate, etc.) Our lungs provide airflow and air pressure to our vocal cords, which vibrate in response, and our articulators shape that resulting noise into the specific sounds that we want.

Vocal Range

Our vocal cords are of particular interest here, as they're what determines the pitch of the speaker. Generally, female vocal cords (between 12.5mm and 17.5mm) will be smaller than male vocal cords (between 17mm and 25mm), giving them a higher pitch. The rest of the person's body affects the pitch and tone of their voice as well - the shape and size of the chest and neck, and particularly the size of the person's vocal tract will affect the person's vocal pitch. As girls are generally smaller in size and shape than women, their pitch and tone will be even higher.

different vocal ranges shown on a keyboard

The range between the lowest note (or pitch) that you can reach and the highest is your vocal range. Vocal ranges have different names to help us categorise them (these are usually only referred to in musical contexts) - while not all are pictured here, they're soprano (the highest - generally only women can reach this), mezzo-soprano, contralto (usually the lowest a female voice can reach), tenor (generally the highest a male voice can reach), baritone and bass (the lowest). Out of interest, here's a visualisation of the vocal ranges of some famous musicians:

vocal ranges of famous musicians

While we can mimic other's voices and sounds with practice, it would be pretty much impossible for someone with a baritone voice to reach a soprano scale. So if you have a low voice and have ever wondered what you would sound like with a cute girl voice, our voice transformer is here to help you out!

If you're interested in high-pitched voices, you may also like the voices at voicechanger. You'll be able to find voice effects like sped up voices, voices of specific characters, and you can suggest other types of voice frequencies that you'd like to see.

If there's anything you'd like to see - improvements or new voice effects - please let me know in the suggestions box.


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