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General Information

The Ghaondian language is the official language of Ghaondia and a lingua franca across the country and many neighboring areas, such as Dextreme's Zelfoij (Зэлфой) and Uestagaijngijten (Вѐкепе гайндугаге) provinces.

Type in the Ghaondian alphabet (Cyrillic)

To type in the new Ghaondian alphabet, use this website:

Note: The Ghaondian "ei" letter э is typed using "e==".

Pronunciation rules

Ghaondian has some rather strict pronunciation rules, but they should help with trying to say stuff in the language.

Format: letter {Latin Ghaondian letter equivalent}: /ipa symbol/ (English letter equivalent) [example using an English word]


а {a}: /a/ (ah) [cat]

е {e}: /ə/ (uh) [bunch]

ѐ {ei}: /e/ (ay) [care]

э {ie}: /ɛ/ (eh) [met]

и {i}: /ɪ/ (ih) [kid]

й {ii}: /i/ (ee) [yeet]

о {o}: /ɵ/ (oh) [oh]

у {u}: /u/ (oo) [move]

ю {iiu}: /ju/ (yoo) [you]

я {iie}: /jə/ (yuh) [yuh]


б {b}: /b/ (b) [bat]

ц {c}: /t͡s/ (ts) [tsunami]

ч {x}: /t͡ʃ/ (ch) [chat]

д {d}: /d/ (d) [dog]

ф {f}: /f/ (f) [fly]

г {g}: /g/ (g) [goat]

х {h}: /x/ (h) [loch ness monster]

й {ii}: /j/ (y) [year]

к {k}: /k/ (k) [car]

л {l}: /l/ (l) [lead]

м {m}: /m/ (m) [met]

н {n}: /n/ (n) [never]

п {p}: /p/ (p) [please]

р {r}: /r/ (rolled r) [perro (in Spanish)] or /ɾ/ [tattle]

с {s}: /s/ (s) [see]

т {t}: /t/ (t) [tell]

в {v}: /v/ (v) [verify]

з {z}: /z/ (z) [zebra]

ш {x}: /ʃ/ (sh) [shoot)

ж {x}: /d͡ʒ/ or /ʒ/ (j) [Juniper]

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