Faux Chinese generator 假中文生成器

法克死 踹你死 奸了雷他

This is a translator that translates latin latters into Chinese chatachers that looks like the original ones.
If you are a regular Chinese people as I am, you will notice two thing:
  1. You would still be unable to understand the results as understanding Chinese. That's because the characters used in results are no longer widly used in mordern Chinese anymore. e.g. "C"→"匚" is an old spelling of "方"(square), and "L"→"辶" is a alternate spelling of "走"(walk).
  2. One of them aren't even real Chinese character but a Japanese character: "v"→"ソ"(pronunciation: so) because there aren't any Chinese character look like a "v" as far as I know.
And P.S. , this generator works the best with CAPITAL LETTERS.

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