Eyrrn Translator BETA

Translate English to Eyrrn and Vice Versa

This helpful translator translates English into Modern Eyrrn that you can chat with your fellow Adrynian friends.

This updated translator is a vast improvement of the mess that I ended up making before. Everything that is translated will now actually be accurate both ways. Although because I'm still slowly working on migrating all of the words in Eyrrn over to this translator, and trying to figure out and remember which word corresponds to which translation, not all words will appear, and so will be translated to "undefined". Therefore, I cannot guarantee that any sentences or phrases with undefined words in them will reverse translate effectively and accurately.

Please note, that this is for the standard dialect of Eyrrn. There are 3 distinct dialects that exist and are known as Másâfeyrrt (standard dialect of Eyrrn), Eskotheyrrt (Eskonese dialect) and ßâkweyrrt (High Eyrrn - the most sophisticated dialect; generally used by the government and other nobility).

Nota Bene: "dissén" is often seen as formal, and in casual speech is shortened to either di' or 'sén, and is always attached to a word, di' coming before a word, and 'sén coming after.

Also, "zehr" means "it" - as in a thing - in a figurative sense; what's considered figurative in Eyrrn are nouns that are both inanimate AND physically non-present such as concepts or words by themselves, hence when talking about what a particular word means, one would say "Éhnn bhïv zehr ŷki?", and wouldn't use "nim" since Adrynians do not deem words to be physical. The exception to this is that "pain" - the feeling opposed to the word - is seen as animate.

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