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Standardised Eskrian Translator (BETA)

Standard Eskrian Beta

This Translator is still in Beta, some words may be unavailable, and there is not full suffix/prefix support, so just separate them from the word. [ i.e "kill ed" ]
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤIf you would like a word added into the translator, put it into the Suggestions box
Eskrian/Ehskuur is a conlang created by Alan Ó hEignigh (occasionally Germanised as "Von Heinlein"), If to be used in a form of publication, please supply proper credits, and optionally link to the translator.
> Word Count approximate: 10,000+ ( Including both Base & Prefix/Suffix forms )
> Current Translation rules: 28566
> (Optional) Eskrian has no phrasal verbs.
> (Optional) Eskrian is preferably written in Kennings, but can be written verbatim.
North Takáyann ( Eskrian's Sister Language, By Onyx Morningstar )ㅤ[2021-Present]
Taggian ( Eastern Dialect of Modern Eskrian )ㅤ[2024-Present]
Pravickat ( Language of the South-Sing )ㅤ[2024-Present]
Low-Saltish ( East-Fulish Influenced Early-Modern Eskrian Dialect )ㅤ[2023-2023]
Teyall ( Italian Influenced Early-Modern Eskrian Dialect )ㅤ[2023-2023]
Early-Modern Eskrian ( Germanic Influenced Eskrian )ㅤ[2022-2023]
North Eskrian ( English/Early-Modern Eskrian Creole )ㅤ[2022-2022]
Old Eskenian ( The first version of Eskrian, Outdated )ㅤ[2022-2022]
Taqu'alish ( Outdated Japanese/English Conlang )ㅤ[2017-2021~]
Eskrian is classified as an Alpharidic language, it descends from Takayo-Eskriak, and is the sister language of Takayann, Alskr, and Alayik.
You can contact me on discord at:ㅤidlesoup
(if you can send a msg request first, that would be best)
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