Eskrian [BETA] | Official Standardised Eskrian Translator

Standardised Eskrian Translator (BETA)

Standard Eskrian Beta

This Translator is still in Beta, some words may be unavailable, and there is not full suffix/prefix support, so just separate them from the word. [ i.e "kill ed" ]
> Eskrian has no phrasal verbs and is considered a 'satellite framing' language;
>Eskrian is preferably written in Kennings, but can be written verbatim.
Takáyann (Eskrian's Sister Language)
North Eskrian (English/Eskrian Creole)
Old Eskenian (Heavy English Influence) ㅤ
ㅤ Current Translation rules: 20036
ㅤ Word Count approximate: 6100~ (Combined)
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