Enhoda Translator

A basic translator from the Enlahod language, Enhoda, to English.
when typing English to Enhoda, recognize that (a) is a given word, ie, "I am (a) hunter". Please type, "I am hunter" and it will populate correctly
As of right now, placing in the phrases to conjugate everything is gonna take a WHILE, so the best way to get an "accurate" translation is to do VSO, ie "See you rain" instead of, "You see rain". Mush the Verb and Subject together, "Tām eh > Tāmeh".
For the negative, ie "You do not see rain," do, "See you no rain". Again, mush the Verb and Subject/Negative affix together deleting any repeating letters from the subject to the negative affix, "Tām eh hit > Tāmehit".
Rules for conjugation into negatives: I (hit) > (hít) - last 'i' becomes 'í' to differentiate from 'you' conjugate We (ehthit) > (ethit) - drop the first 'h' They (echit) > (eshit) - change the 'c' to 's'
The above works for most cases- message me if you want clarification. This is not a written language in their universe, so this is the best approximation for us. If you have further questions, hit up my conworkshop page:
ofc you don't have to do any of that, so long as you follow the VSO it'll be perfectly readable

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