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Velha is a language I came up with, and am currently in the process of creating. Grammar is mostly finished, with the alphabet, font and tenses all completed. The vocabulary obviously, is still in progress and will likely be that way for years as I cannot dedicate every waking moment to adding more words to my language. I invented it for my D&D world Erelest, as well as video games and stories I plan on writing.
"Velha is one of the most ancient languages, known and used across entire universes by people who utilize magic and the natural powers of the cosmos. There is no room for error when utilizing this language, which has made it very popular. However some beings are unable to use the magic language due to it's very existence originating from a higher dimension or plane. Thus many have abandoned it. But not I."
Note for newcomers: Velha operates differently than English in a variety of ways. Firstly: each word has it's own distinct meaning, thus no word will have two or more meanings. If there are several words that mean the same thing with no other definitions, they will all convert into a single word. Second: word order is different as well due to how questions and temporal tenses (past/present/future) are handled.
questions: each question starts with ne', and is placed at the beginning of the sentence. The sentence must be exclusively for questions if this is the case.
tenses: to handle this properly, add the word 'past' 'present' or 'future' at the end of the sentence. This dictates whether you are describing a past event, something current, or something yet to come (be it desired, undesired, ordered, possibility, etc.). There may be more tenses added in the future, such as unresolved past, or absolute future, but none as of now.
The 'is suffix makes nouns plural. The 'ta suffix refers to the noun's possession or ownership of the following noun. Noun: no prefix Question: ne' Verb: et' Adjective: vec' Adverbs: te' Prepositions: i' Conjunctions: a'

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