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A guide to pronunciation


There are five vowels in Taeric, which can be pronounced in two different ways.

Consonantal form: Vowels are only to be pronounced like this when they are placed between two consonants; e.g “vix”, “kor”, “gam” - but not “il”, “vi”, tao”.

“A”s are pronounced “ʌ” as in up

“E”s are pronounced “ə” as in her

“I”s are pronounced “ɪ” as in ship

“O”s are pronounced “ɔ:” as in door

“U”s are pronounced “ʊ” as in good

Standard form - pronounced like Maori vowels every time the vowel isn’t surrounded by consonants.

“A”s are pronounced “ɑ” as in far

“E”s are pronounced “e” as in bed

“I”s are pronounced “i:” as in sheep

“O”s are pronounced “ɒ” as in on

“U”s are pronounced “u:” as in shoot


Fairly simple;

If a word starts and ends with vowels, then the plural of that word will be the same but with a "V" at the start.

If a word starts and ends with consonants, then the plural of that word will be written the same but with the last consonant being replaced with an "I"

If a word starts with a vowel and ends with a consonant, then the plural of the word will but with an "A" being thrown on at the end of the word

If a word ends with a consonant and ends with a vowel, then an extra "L" will be thrown onto the end - however, if the final vowel is then surrounded by consonants, it will still be pronounced in standard form.

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