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Angsieu ra Avalonsieu (DISCLAIMER: May take a minute to load, do not exit beforehand)

This is a translator based on the Language of Avalon, which is a language from the geopolitical minecraft server EarthMC. Please see more here https://earthmc.fandom.com/wiki/Avalonese
it has some notable grammatical rules.
Firstly, the letter C makes the "Sh" sound, the letter X makes the "Zh" sound, and Q, W, Y, and J are absent, making the final alphabet "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U V, X, Z" with a total of 22 letters.
Diphthongs in Avalonese include "Ai" (igh), "Ei" (ay), "Oi" (oi), "Au" (ao, d'ow'n), "Eu" (ew, wa'yw'ard), and "Ou" (ow, wind'ow').
Avalonese has 3 grammatical genders: Masculine, Feminine, and Neuter.
Masculine singular nouns end in -OU, Feminine singular nouns in -AU, and Neuter singular nouns in -EU
And Masculine plural nouns end in -OUN, Feminine plural nouns in -AUN, and Neuter plural nouns in -EUN
Determiners end in the near-same ending trend as the nouns, such as The (Lo/La/Le/Lon/Lan/Len), or That/Those (Lou/Lau/Leu/Loun/Laun/Leun)
Adjectives end in -I, Adverbs end in -O,
Verbs merge with the Pronoun and have 6 main tenses;
"i" (I go) is marked by -AU-
"you" (you eat) is marked by -A-
"he" (he sleeps) is marked by -OI-
"she" (she dreamt) is marked by -AI-
'it" (it happens) is marked by -EI-
"they" (they will do) is marked by -OU-
"we" (we watch) is marked by -EU-
And any unspecified ones are marked by -R
the present tense is marked by -S,
the past tense is marked by -F,
the future tense is marked by -C,
the past preterite "done" tense is marked by -N,
the gerund or "-ing" tense is marked by -ST,
The form of verbs called the infinitive; "to do", for example, would end in an -I.
If any vowels were to duplicate in the process, an M would be placed between them. If any consonants were to duplicate in the process, an I would be added between them.

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