English to Simplified English (Inglix) Translator

Translates English to Simplified English, simpler spelling and grammar.

Rules: All Nouns end in ó, ós plural Verbs end in as, es, és (past, present, future) Pronouns/Articles end in á Adverbs end in é Adjectives end in ú All other words end

Pronunciation: Pronunciation: Non-accented vowels indicate short vowels: a: a in cat e: e in net i: i in knit o: o in knot u: u in nut

An accented vowel (áéíóú) indicates a long vowel: á: ay in play é: ea in eat í: as in eye ó: oa in float ú: u in flute

ù: e in the (slightly lower than u)

Other Pronunciations: x: sh in shut c: ch in chocolate g is always pronounced as in great j is always pronounced as in job

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