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What is Flanderspeak?

Flanderspeak (\ˈflan-dərspēk\) is the colliquial speech used by Ned Flanders of The Simpsons, and some other members of the Flanders clan. It is characterised by constant infixation and prefixation of words like "diddly", "dadily" and "noodly". Some episodes fo The Simpsons seem to hint that Flanderspeak may be a dialect, or even a language in itself.


The most well known of Ned Flanders' colloquialisms is his use of "diddly" as an infix which cuts a regular English word into two parts - known to linguists as "tmesis". Take the following sentence, for example:
> Wel-diddly-elcome, neighborino!
Here, "welcome" has been cut in half by "diddly". Whenever Flanders does this, he inserts the infix just after the emphasised syllable in the word (which is "wel" in this case). Interesting, Flanders shares this tendency for using tmesis with Snoop Dogg. We also see Flanders' prefixation of neighbor with "ino" - something which he does regularly, presumably for emphasis or to express joviality. Flanders also regularly uses alliteration:
> What can I diddly do you for?
And there are many other subtleties of Ned Flanders' speech, not covered in this brief overview, and this translator does its best to cover quite a few of them. If you've got a suggestion, please feel free to send them using the form!
riddly diddly
Above is a gif from "Hurrican Neddy" where Ned gets really angry.

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