English To Milotion Dialect Translator

Fun Fact: This can also be used as a backwards translator!

Milotion is an experiment started by @x_pogboy and @Zaxor. We are working to create a language that only contains words you need and not words you will never use. So far we have 700+ words and are looking to reach a 1000 word milestone soon. Any support (meaning something like a compliment) is appreciated!
----Update Log----
(DD/MM/YY) 30/11/22
Since we are still just kids 100 seems like a big number. 100 is also the number of views we have gotten on this translator! Yay! we are also on the LingoJam list of most frequently updated translators! Current development of the language underway includes adding plurals, past tense, future tense, and present tense now that we are at 700 words.


(DD/MM/YY) 13/2/23
Welcome back loyal Milotion community. The Milotion team has been very busy these past months but would like to inform everyone that development of the language will be proceeding and with our 1,000 word milestone reached, we will be aiming for 1,750 words! We hope everybody on LingoJam will use this language for whatever needs they might have.


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