English to Lohendrian Translator

Used by an old man named Lohendra who lived in Texas, Dallas in 5063 BC

Invented by an old man named Lohendra who lived in Plano, Texas in 5063 BCE. It was originally created as a code to help the Hariharans win the battle of the Muralis (5063 BCE). It is the foremost of the Planian languages, and is used for many fields, literature, mathematics, and science, to name a few. As of 2018 CE, there are only 3 known speakers, an undefined increase from the 0 speakers as of 2017 CE. The language flourished after the inventor, Lohendra, became King if Hariharanland. He played Cool Math games on his throne as a way to spread the language. Back then, there was 1 known speaker, King Lohendra himself!

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