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A language which is spoken by the Kulwarsh people of Semosatioto
Kulwarnanian (Cull - warn - ian)
Kulwarsh (Cull - war - sh)
Semisoto (Semi - sote - oh )
Semisoto postcard https://ibb.co/vLjGLtk
Language lore In the small Southern American country of Semisoto, the Kulwarsh people reside
Traditions they have many traditions, like "Et chronon ot fereburries", On this holiday, they gather their best fighters and watch them brawl in a sport called "Et chrlon noog outrance" and during "Ovinatels ot et Sun", all of the people get together and sacrifice one of their most valuable possessions into the ritual fire, this is to symbolize the shortness of life.
Religion One of the most common religions of the people of semisoto is kefeemero, which is the belief that the more they anger the gods, the closer the moon will get.
Word order is the same as English
Fixed as many bugs as possible, report them to me if any more happen!

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