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This is an English Furian translator for my constructed language Furian. Furian is the official language of Furria (Maozu), a vibrant and diverse nation located in Northeastern Asia. As the name suggests, the language is closely tied to the culture and identity of the Furries, a unique community of anthropomorphic animals who call Furria (Maozu) their home.
Furian is a constructed language that was created to reflect the unique customs, values, and way of life of the Furries. It draws inspiration from a variety of languages, including Chinese, Russian, English, and Japanese, but mostly Old Norse, Latin and Ancient Chinese, as well as the languages of other animal species. The language has a rich and complex grammar, with a variety of different tenses, conjugations, and word orders that allow for precise and nuanced expression.
One of the most distinctive features of Furian is its use of sound symbolism, where words are chosen not only for their literal meaning but also for the sounds they make. For example, words that describe soft and gentle things may have more rounded and mellow sounds, while words that describe sharp and harsh things may have more angular and staccato sounds. This use of sound symbolism creates a poetic and musical quality to the language, making it a joy to speak and hear. The vowels are to be said in a animal way (or to roll it as people say) to emulate animal sounds.
Furian also has a unique writing system, with a variety of different scripts that reflect the diverse traditions and styles of the Furries. Some scripts are ornate and decorative, while others are simple and practical, and each one has its own unique beauty and character.
Despite its complexity and richness, Furian is a language that is easy to learn and accessible to speakers of many different languages. It is a language that celebrates diversity and inclusivity, reflecting the values of the Furries and the people of Furria (Maozu) as a whole.

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