English to Eyrrish Translator

Eyrrish is the most known language of the land of durlik (a fictional land)

my translator translates English to the fictional language of Eyrrish
INFO ON EYRRISH eyrrish is a conlang created by me for my fictonal world of durlik
GRAMMAR for speech you write speech before the block of text and end with end speech (spiiɥɔ and indspiiɥɔ in eryyish) but if there is a double v write a v̈ and if you have a double u write a ö and if you have a double s write a s̈
HISTORY made to be a lingo franca for the high dwarves (which failed) ⟆en ⟆vdn (the creator) who was the high king of the örun Clan but all of the clans languages and dialects into one language which created eyrrish.
OTHER LANGUAGES OF DURLIK poetic eyrrish https://lingojam.com/EnglishtoPoeticEyrrish (Sadly if you know eyrrish you might not understand poetic eyrrish)

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