English 2 Idiot Translator

We've all had those moments while having open discussions on forums, social media and youtube where a complete retard walks into the conversation and starts talking idiot. It looks like it's supposed to be English, it feels like it's supposed to be English but it's completely indecipherable. Now thanks to the miracle of science this problem is no more.

Introducing the English to Idiot translator, from the makers of space and chocolate. That's right with the English to Idiot translator you will speaking fluent dummy in mere moments. But it doesn't stop there, gone are the days of not being able to read retard, the English to Idiot translator will turn retard into coherent English in a jiffy.

Disclaimer: May cause burns if used for prolonged period of time. Research shows a typical reduction of 9% in IQ after 15 minutes exposure to an idiot. User agrees to operate at their own risk.

Having trouble finding an idiot to test this translator on? Worry not my enlightened friend, the following list is their typical "stomping grounds": Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo Answers, reddit, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, 9gag

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