English - Viknækàra Translator

A Constructed Language

The language of Viknækarà is a constructed language for a book I am writing.

    It is a language spoken by a species known as the Shadow Hunters. They are a race of massive jaguar-like beings with no spots, upper canine teeth like that of the Smilodon, human hand-like front paws and a long prehensile tail like that of a monkey. 

    Their fur is completely a dusky gray-brown, their mouths are varying shades of green, and because nearly every source of liquid on their home planet are radioactive or acidic, they can eat and drink anything. They are impervious to sickness, disease and ill effects of contaminated food and water due to this. They also have lifespans easily reaching into tens of thousands of years, and the oldest member of the species recorded history lived to be nearly 70,000 years old. Overall, this species is definitely not one you want to make an enemy of.

    While the word order for English is SVO, or Subject-Verb-Object, I decided to make it quite difficult in that regard as, alongside having its own runic-style alphabet, this language has the word order of OSV, or Object-Subject-Verb. This is partially used to signify the species technological superiority over humans, by several billion years, as well as their love and worship of nature and generally peaceful personalities unless they are attacked.

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