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(Please switch to the desktop version website in order to get this description shown properly.) A translator designed for one of my conlangs. Unian is a polysynthetic language, so to translate from English to Unian properly, you have to attach these agreements affixes into the verb:


[1st person] i-: I -me: me

we.incl-: we, including you (all of us, including you as well) (sbj) we.excl-: we, without you (only us, you're not included) (sbj) -us.incl: us, including you (all of us, you're not included) (sbj) -us.excl: us, without you (sbj)

[2nd person]

[3rd person] it-: it (sbj) -it: it (obj) he-: he -him: him she-: she -her: her

they-: they -them: them

E.g. To translate: "you can see me", type: "you-cansee-me". This will be translated to: "Xishifa" "I hate them" → "i-hate-them"

Like Japanese or Korean, Unian marks subjects in "nominative case" and objects in "accusative case". To apply these grammatical cases, please attach these affixes into the nouns you want to translate: -vnom: denoting subject ending with vowel -cnom: denoting subject ending with consonant

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