English-Mertha Translator

Mertha is the language I originally created for my world, which is called Hezem. It has been expanded to include modern things.

Mertha is derived from Icelandic and Russian.

PRONUNCIATION: 'þ' is 'th'. 'ch' is 'sh'. 'j' is 'y'. 'ð' is 'n'. 'ö' is 'ur'. 'é' is 'ee'. 'á' is 'a' like in say, may, lay. 'e' is 'a'. 'ý' is 'eer' 'í' is 'i'. 'ú' is 'uh'. 'ó' is 'ohl'.

Please note that there are words that are the same but with different meanings (namely plurals), like 'bars' and 'bears'. In my language, those kinds of words have different endings: -ir if someone or something is doing something, and -es for more than one thing (plurals).

Alphabet: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V Y Z Á Ð É Í Ó Ö Þ Ú Ý

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