English- Kusory Translator

Kusory is derived from Finnish with three accents from Turkish. Kusory is spoken by the Faen, a people who live in Zemla Svetvo, part of Hezem. It has been modernized.

PRONUNCIATION: 'ç' is 'ch'. 'ş' is 'sh'. 'ı' is 'uh'. 'ö' is 'or'. 'j' is 'y'. 'y' is 'ee'.

Some words have two meanings, a plural and an action (words like bats, places, circles). The action word is given. For the plurals, you add -ma to the end of the word.

Alphabet: A D E H J K L M N O P R S T U V Y Ä Ç I Ö Ş

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