English - Kru'vev / Zelian Translator

The new and revised official translator for the language of the stars.

Kru'vev is an alien language belonging to the type-omega race of superadvanced beings. There have been a couple different translators made for this language but this is the only up-to-date and maintained one. I am the sole creator of this language and all lore that connects everything.
NOTES: This is an alien language, and those who speak it have different biology than humans. This leads to several sounds that are unpronounceable to humans. Here's a list of the most important of those sounds, and what a human can substitute them with. These sounds are being represented with unicode characters which do not visually represent the nature of this language's actual characters.
⛬ --> rolled K | alternative: KʔK ☉ --> rolled H | alternative: HʔH ⚇ --> rolled Ż | alternative: ŻʔŻ ⚹ ---> rolled A | alternative: AʔA ⚺ ---> rolled "NʔN" | alternative: NʔN
*ʔ is a glottal plosive. It's that little pause that happens when you say "uh-oh" (uhʔoh).
ʤͤ - "j" as in "joy" but with a "light" fricative "e" undertone.
aͣ - absolute non-variable "hard ah" (alternatively "a" is variable in pronunciation depending on the sounds surrounding it.)
tͯh - a "hard θ" (alternatively "th" would be a softer θ.)
aᷔe - "ae" as pronounced like "eye", similar to the Kru'vev pronunciation of "y" ("aye")
dͭ - "hard d" with an interdental undertone.
n̆ - pharyngeal "n"
Hyperjunctives: I- regular "d" II- regular "ee" III- regular "oo" IV- regular "g" V- null-spoken
Dialects (M1L1 = Kru'vev, r = /ɹ/): M2L1: "ʤ" --> "y" in "you". M3L1: "ʤ" --> "y" in "you", "th" --> "t" in "tree". M1L2 (Fljorian): --> "y" in "you", "r" like /r/ not /ɹ/.
English --> Kru'vev has an accuracy of about 97%. | Kru'vev --> English may yield broken English.
Vocabulary count: >1000 words.
Image: I created that image.

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