English - Ürtaghàr-Tòqenengri Translator

Ürtaghàr-Tòqenengri [meaning Forest-Tongue], and formerly known as Druuksaniikh, is a language created by using the Mongolian Death Worm generator on www.fantasynamegenerators.com .

I absolutely recommend anyone who enjoys random generators, or needs to use them for any reason, to check the site out. There is a bunch of random generators, and there is always more being added and edited.

The language has no distinct words for past or present tenses [i.e. saw and seeing], as they aren't necessary. If you wanted to use them however, you could just simply use "has" for past tense and "does" for present tense.

The language is based off of third person, so words like he and she do not exist in the language. Instead the name of the person is used if known, and if it isn't known then the gender [male or female] is used.

The word order for the language is OSV, or Object-Subject-Verb. We'll use the example "She loves him." Instead of it being "She loves him", it would be "Him she loves."

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