Englavo (Ɲaɩʜxyso) (Year of fantasy (9978 b.c.) Translator

ö̆ zo̅̇ are sounds in iy(ö̆) and saɛ̀(zo̅̇)

A mix of middle english and greek with German. New Features! Alphabet (special) č=ch as in CHarm ɧ=dg as in JuDGe ŋ=Ng as in siNG ĸ=c as in Cent š= sh as in SHell ī=I as in I ĸ̄=V'' as in loV+E sound ć=s as in sent This is a language made with alphabet letters. And greek with like tc=t'k th=d ch=v Unknown ɛ̀=e as in eek ģ=j as in juDGe ꭃ=o Language used in Englandish Empire Reign. Year 4580 Kwa has fallen. Year 67 Aeof This language is now old englic. Soon It's back to Englavo because the Englic has fallen. (Fantasy era: The fallen) Englandish Empire has been conquered. By the Alta, Soon alta has lost. Englandish Empire has won the war only if the Uynav is dead. (Era: Pre- Englandish Empire) Ɲaɩʜxyso is Latin in Yebesh

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